Oct. 25, 2018


Inabata to produce and sell compounds using biodegradable resins from biomass

Inabata & Co., Ltd. will begin production and sales of resin compounds using NuPlastiQ, a biodegradable resin made from biomass, developed by BioLogiQ, Inc., a U.S. bioplastic resin manufacturer headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  

NuPlastiQ is a thermoplastic resin mainly made from starch extracted from waste potatoes obtained at potato processing plants. It can be molded along with other resins into products such as film, sheets, and bottles.
It is highly compatible with other resins. It can be compounded with various resins ranging from oil-based resins such as PE, PP, PS, ABS and plant-based resins such as PLA.  
NuPlastiQ also enhances films. For example, when NuPlastiQ is blended upon manufacturing polyethylene film, the film becomes much stronger, and in some cases allowing downgauging by 30 percent. It is also known to maintain performance even after being recycled several times.
“NuPlastiQ speeds up biodegradation of all types of biodegradable resins including in the marine environment. NuPlastiQ also makes non-biodegradable resins biodegradable, and we are looking forward to the development of future applications,” BioLogiQ says.

Commercial production of resin compounds using NuPlastiQ is scheduled to begin next spring at an IKPC facility in Thailand. IKPC is Inabata’s resin compounding enterprise. Inabata will step into bioplastics markets both in and out of Japan through sales of compounds using NuPlastiQ.

As concerns mount over marine plastic pollution, Inabata hopes the production and sales of NuPlastiQ compounds will contribute to a more eco-friendly world.

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