Exploring new businesses
centered around FPDs

The Information & Electronics Division I provides services to a wide array of customers all over the world with a global supply chain it has built through its business in the flat panel display (FPD) industry dealing mainly in LCDs and organic LEDs (OLEDs), as well as the LED-related industry.

Our major strengths are our capability to propose ideas that leverage our global network based on our highly specialized knowledge, in addition to building processing and distribution networks for supply of competitive materials and other products.

Keeping business with existing customers at our core, we seek to expand into new fields, such as semiconductors and electronics components along with FPDs, by strengthening relations with clients in Japan and other countries.

Tsuyoshi Maruta Executive Officer,
General Manager,
Information & Electronics Div. I

Products & Services

Sales Department I

We leverage our long-standing network in the industry to provide timely services tailor-made to our customers’ requirements.

  • Polarizing films
  • Materials for polarizing films
  • Alignment layer materials
  • Color resist
  • Materials for backlights
  • Materials for OLEDs
  • Various surface treatment equipment
  • Various types of films
  • Driver ICs
  • Materials for non-woven masks
  • 5G circuit boards 
Sales Department II

We sell a wide variety of products such as displays, device manufacturing equipment, plastic for LED encapsulants and materials for display parts. We are also focused on automotives, and semiconductor-related products.

  • Encapsulants for LEDs
  • Materials for special-use tape
  • Devices related mainly to LCDs and OLEDs
  • Power semiconductor circuit boards
  • Light control films
  • Various sensors
Sales Department III

We handle electronic components other than semiconductor and display-related components. We also engage in investment and M&A.

  • Silicon carbide wafers
  • Lithium tantalate wafers
  • Nickel powder
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Semiconductor devices, etc.


  • LED encapsulant business - from product development, manufacturing, and inspection to customer support

    Since LED encapsulant manufacturing and sales business was acquired from Henkel Japan Ltd., Information & Electronics Division I has been responsible for IK-brand product development, manufacturing, quality control, and customer service, all under one roof.
    In 2017, Inabata Optech Co., Ltd. was founded as a 100% subsidiary for product development and quality control. New products are being developed with a focus on encapsulant resins and adhesives for opto semiconductors.
    Inabata’s encapsulant materials have been well-received for LED full-color display applications.

    Encapsulant resin for LEDs, opto semiconductors
    • Die attached adhesives
      (One component type @frozen)
    • Epoxy liquid encapsulant for DIP, SMD and Display (Two component type @RT)
    • Light Diffuser agents
    • Visible light cutting resins for IR sensors
    Mold release agents (silicone type)
    • LED molds
    • Engineering plastics molds
    • Molds
    • Other external release agents
  • Semiconductor business

    The division is strengthening sales of driver IC chips for LCD panels. Furthermore, it focuses on the substrate business for power semiconductors and actively expanding sales of substrates for 5G applications in the Chinese market. Going forward, the division aims to expand the chip and wafer business.

  • Aggressive business expansion into the automotive field

    The division has started handling light control films attached to sunroofs, etc. It has also started providing OLED lights and decorative films for automotive interiors.

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