• Focus Markets of “New Challenge 2023”

Focus on markets with growth potential and sectors yet to be developed.

One of the key strategies of the mid-term business plan New Challenge 2023 is to launch new initiatives in food business encompassing agriculture, while continuing to pursue opportunities in automotive, life science & medical, and environment & energy sectors.


  • Decorative films for the interior/exterior of vehicles
  • Electronic device materials for automotive applications
  • Driving and control components for EV/PHEV
  • Materials for tires, brakes and electronic components
  • Plastics for vehicle-related parts
  • Sheets for transportation cases of auto parts, etc.

Life science & Medical

  • Various medical equipment and medical consumables
  • GMP Cell Sorters for regenerative medication and cell therapy
  • Chemical additives for growth factors used in cell cultures, Aggregation control reagent for pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) in suspension culture

Products by divisions

Information & Electronics

Life Industry

Environmental & Energy

  • Artificial intelligence, big data, fintech, security and IoT-related products
  • Provision of solutions for renewable energy and energy storage systems
  • Eco-friendly products for homes

Products by divisions

Information & Electronics

Food Business Encompassing Agriculture

  • Various agriculture-related materials
  • Development of fodder and livestock management systems (software, devices, and sensors) for cattle
  • Large-scale cultivation of blueberries and pumpkins at in-house farms
  • Development of film products for maintaining freshness of vegetables and eco-friendly films, etc.

Medium-term Business Plan

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