We are expanding our business utilizing 10 manufacturing
and processing bases in the region.

  • Information &

    We sell printer-related materials and materials related to liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for the home appliance and office automation (OA) equipment industries.

  • Chemicals

    We sell various resin materials to plastic manufacturers and rubber materials, additives, and other products to the automobile industry. We also supply components to Japanese housing equipment manufacturers advancing into the region and sell decking materials made in Japan.

  • Plastics

    In addition to selling plastic materials for the automobile and motorcycle, home appliance, OA equipment, packaging material, and beverage industries, we also sell film and sheet products in the region. We also export film and sheet products to Japan. We deal in plastic compounds as well as manufacturing and processing of films and sheets at multiple locations.

  • Life Industry

    We process marine and agricultural products and export them for sale in Japan and the U.S. We also sell cosmetic substances made by our French affiliate Pharmasynthese S.A.S. to the cosmetics industry in the countries in this region.


Southeast Asia / India
  • India

    Inabata India Private Ltd.

    Inabata India Private Ltd., Chennai Office

    Inabata India Private Ltd., Pune Office

  • Indonesia

    PT. IK Precision Indonesia

    PT. Inabata Creation Indonesia

    PT. Inabata Indonesia

    PT. Inabata Indonesia, Surabaya Office

    PT. S-IK Indonesia

  • Malaysia

    Inabata Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

    Inabata Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Johor Office

    Inabata Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Penang Office

    SIK Color (M) Sdn. Bhd.

  • Myanmar

    Inabata Thai Co., Ltd., Yangon Branch

  • Philippines

    IK Plastic Compound Phils. Inc.

    Inabata Philippines, Inc.

  • Singapore

    Inabata Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.

  • Thailand

    Apple Film Co., Ltd.

    Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

    Inabata Thai Co., Ltd.

    SIK (Thailand) Ltd.

  • Vietnam

    Apple Film Da Nang Co., Ltd.

    Inabata Vietnam Co., Ltd.

    Inabata Vietnam Co., Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City Branch

    SIK Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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