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Plastics Division I offers high-performance plastics and related materials to the automobile, motorcycle, home electric appliance, and OA equipment industries. We also supply plastics for daily goods and materials for the construction industry.
In Asia and Mexico, we operate eight resin compounding facilities, providing comprehensive support worldwide from the selection of materials to processing. Plastic specialists are working at Inabata’s global affiliates, and through their collaboration, Inabata is capable of providing professional services on a global scale. In addition to plastic compounding, Inabata features manufacturers within the group that possesses outstanding development capabilities and unique technologies. Utilizing such manufacturing and technical expertise, our aim is to further enhance our functions, form mergers, and bring together businesses of diverse fields.
Our employees possess a high level of expertise which allows us to make suggestions that deal with environmental, safety, and other issues, as well as create new plans. In this way, we hope to continue serving as a partner and always provide creative solutions and foster mutual growth with our customers.

Koji NakanoGeneral Manager, Plastics Div. I


Polymer Departments I and II

Sale of plastics, molded plastic products, and machinery for use with building materials, engineering materials, daily goods, automotive components, electrical materials, food containers, and medical supplies to a wide range of industries around the world.

  • Vinyl chloride plastics, plasticizers, additives
  • Commodity plastics (olefin type, styrene type, PET resins)
  • Various compounds
  • Various elastomers
  • Engineering plastics
  • Synthetic rubbers
  • Profile extrusion products, film sheets, packaging materials
  • Machinery
High Performance Plastics Department I

Proposing an optimized supply of plastic materials with a focus on office automation (OA) and consumer electronics markets, taking on the role of an intermediary between clients and suppliers. Supporting Japanese customers planning global expansion by providing market surveys, labor information, and legal information.

  • From commodity plastics to super engineering plastics
  • Molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and laser welding machines
  • Specially molded plastic products and related materials
  • Recycling materials
High Performance Plastics Department II and III

Providing comprehensive solution for resin materials, logistics, and financing for manufacturing equipment - mainly targeting the auto market.

  • From commodity plastics to super engineering plastics
  • Molding machines, auxiliary equipment, and laser welding machines
  • Products related to thermal management
  • Specially molded plastic products
Business Development Department

Leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we provide comprehensive support for manufacturing, from material selection, special molding techniques, to production.

  • Stretchable PCB
  • Plating technology for high melting point materials
  • Technology to join materials of different substances
  • “Impact-processed” aluminum products


  • Top-level plastic compound production

    With 8 production facilities in 7 countries, including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia (Total: 217,200 tons / year: as of April 1, 2018), Inabata is one of the top plastic compounders run by a Japanese trading company.
    Through our comprehensive support framework of which these overseas bases are part of, Inabata is capable of providing useful information promptly, as well as one-stop service for price negotiations, and stable supply.

    About Plastics Compound Business Office

  • *Stretchable PCB

    Specialized processing methods and technology to meet customer needs

    Plastics Division I is capable of meeting the needs of each and every one of our customers combining its accumulated expertise, know-hows, and the global network.

    • Stretchable PCB
    • Plating technology for high melting point materials which is usable in high-temperature areas where it could not be used before.
    • Technology to join materials of different substance
    • Capable of joining metal and plastics, or different types of plastics without using adhesives.

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