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In the Plastic Division I, the Polymer Department I and the Polymer Department II deal in daily goods as well as plastics for building and engineering materials. The Performance Plastics Department deals in high-performance resins and related materials for home appliance, office automation (OA) equipment as well as electric and electronic products. The Automotive Products Department I and the Automotive Products Department II deal in plastic compounds for automobiles and motorcycles.
We operate a total of seven plastic compounding factories in Asia and Mexico, providing comprehensive support from material selection to processing. We are continually improving our service overseas by placing plastic specialists at key locations, fostering people with highly specialized knowledge, and proactively promoting local staffs to managerial positions. Operating our own warehouses enhances our logistics. Stronger overseas bases allow us to provide meticulous support to customers who wish to begin production abroad. We are determined to reinforce our manufacturing bases and processing technologies using our development capabilities and techniques. We are also keen to form joint ventures and collaborate with businesses of diverse fields.
Providing products and services that contribute to environmental conservation and safety is our major concern. Nurturing people with strong expertise is one of our priorities. We are determined to be a partner that provides creative solutions and to foster mutual growth with our customers.

Shinya KawaiExecutive Officer,
General Manager,
Plastic Div.Ⅰ

Products & Services

Polymer Departments I,
Polymer Departments II

We sell plastics, molded plastic products and machinery for use with building materials, engineering materials, daily goods, automotive components, electrical materials, food containers, and medical supplies to a wide range of industries around the world.

  • Vinyl chloride plastics
  • Plasticizers
  • Additives
  • Commodity resins (olefin type, styrene type, PET resins)
  • Various compounds
  • Various elastomers
  • Engineering plastics
  • Synthetic rubbers
  • Plastic products (profile extrusion products, film and sheets, packaging materials)
  • Machinery
Performance Plastics Department

We offer an optimized supply of plastic materials globally with a focus on office automation (OA) and home appliance as well as electric and electronic product markets. We act as a coordinator between clients and suppliers. For Japanese customers planning for global expansion, we offer support through market surveys and by providing information such as on labor and legal issues.

  • From commodity plastics to super engineering plastics
  • Molding machines and auxiliary equipment
  • Laser welding machines
  • Specially molded plastic products and related materials
  • Recycling materials
Automotive Products Department I,
Automotive Products Department II

We provide comprehensive solutions for plastic materials, logistics, and financing for manufacturing equipment, mainly targeting the auto market.

  • From commodity plastics to super engineering plastics
  • Molding machines and auxiliary equipment
  • Laser welding machines
  • Heat dissipating products
  • Specially molded plastic products
Business Development Department

We leverage our expertise and knowledge to provide comprehensive support for manufacturing, from material selection to special molding techniques, processing, and products.

  • Stretchable printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Technology to join materials of different substances
  • “Impact-processed” aluminum products
  • Composite of cellulose nanofiber (CNF) and plastic
  • Biodegradable plastic
  • Environmental load reduction material (Recycled material, biomass resin, etc.)


  • Top-level plastic compound production

    With 7 production facilities in 7 countries, including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia (Total:197,800 tons / year: as of July 1, 2022), Inabata is one of the top plastic compounders run by a Japanese trading company.
    Through our comprehensive support framework of which these overseas bases are part of, Inabata is capable of providing useful information promptly, as well as one-stop service for price negotiations, and stable supply.

    About Plastics Compound Business Office

  • Proposing environmentally friendly plastic materials

    By making the most of its domestic and overseas networks cultivated over the years, the division provides a variety of environmentally friendly plastic materials, including recycled resins.

    • Recycled resins (PCR and PIR materials): PP, PA, PC, PMMA, etc.
    • Biomass resin
    • Development of products using resin compounds (cellulose nanofiber, etc.)
    • Construction of recycling system including collection and transportation of waste plastics

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