Strengthening businesses
in renewable energy, IoT, and other growth markets

The Information & Electronics Division III provides highly specialized solutions that cover a wide range of activities, from supplying raw and processing materials to manufacturing products, in various fields such as renewable energy-related items, batteries, semiconductors and electronics components, and industrial materials. We make meticulous efforts to meet customer needs. Our extensive global network enables us to source optimum materials. Our services include vendor managed inventory (VMI), utilizing our strengths as a trading company.

In the field of renewable energy, which is expected to be the energy source of the future, we are focusing on the business of electric power via solar power generation and biomass power generation, in addition to materials for solar cells. Going forward, we will develop our business with fuel cells and hydrogen generation equipment in mind, with an eye toward the future hydrogen society. Furthermore, we are also focusing on lithium-ion batteries, the main power source for environmentally friendly electric automobiles, and are expanding our battery materials business.

We are also working on the IoT services business to make the tasks of “detecting how things are working” and “knowing the condition of things,” which had been dependent on manual labor, more efficient through IoT.

We will continue to strive to develop human resources with specialized knowledge and skill, as well as strengthen our global network. Our goal is to serve as a solution provider to resolve the problems faced by our customers.

It is through activities such as these that we aim to realize a harmonious coexistence with nature and to ensure a sustainable society and a bright future.

Takuhiro IsoyamaGeneral Manager,
Information & Electronics Div. III

Products & Services

Sales Department I

We sell various industrial products. 

Various industrial, electronics, and optics materials
  • Various industrial and electronics materials,
    such as functional films (industrial, electronics, and optics use)
  • Carbon fiber
  • Fluorine resin
  • Silicone
  • Glass
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Adhesives
  • 3D sensors and sensor materials
  • Robots
  • Wireless chargers
  • Materials related to 5G technology
  • Materials related to apparel
  • Sanitary materials
  • Phosphorescent materials(We provide LTI Corp. products that meet ISO/DIS 22578 standards.
  • Heat storage materials
  • Biochemicals
  • Custom chemical synthesis and film deposition
  • Testing equipment for rapid temperature changes
Sales department II

We sell materials for semiconductors, electronics components, and automotive parts.

Semiconductor and electronics peripheral components
  • Mask blanks
  • Pellicles
  • Anti-reflective materials
  • Epoxy encapsulants and their materials
  • Dicing tapes
  • Wafer coating materials
  • Compound semiconductor wafers
  • Aluminum
  • Functional films
  • Heaters for semiconductor manufacturing
Materials for automotive parts
  • Epoxy encapsulants
  • Alumina
Sales Department III

We sell products and materials for energy-related fields such as energy generation, energy storage, and environmental materials, as well as IoT systems.

Energy generation
  • Solar power generation system-related items
    (solar panels Power inverters Mounting structures)
  • Photovoltaic materials
    (silver paste, encapsulants)
  • Hydrogen energy
    (AEM* electrolysers, fuel cells)
  • Biomass power generation
    (biomass power generators, biomass fuel)

*AEM: anion exchange membrane

Energy storage
  • Lithium-ion battery materials
  • Battery manufacturing equipment
  • Capacitor materials
Environmental materials
  • Fluorine resin films for agriculture
  • Highly biodegradable electrical insulation oil
Automatic meter reading systems
  • Various IoT systems 


  • Offering a wide range of materials and services for IoT business

    The Information & Electronics Division III offers a wide range of products, from terminals used in the IoT to IoT-based services.

    Basic process flow of IoT

    The Sales Department I and II are engaged in business related to sensors and sensor materials, while the Sales Department III is developing business providing a series of IoT services.
    For example, the following services are realized for electricity, water, and gas meter reading, which previously relied on manual labor.

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