We operate businesses centered on chemicals, energy, automobiles, life sciences and other fields, taking advantage of our unique mobility.

In Europe, we deal in a wide range of products in various segments, such as inkjet ingredients, energy-related products, automobile components, and functional chemicals. Our Group companies manufacture and sell medical products, materials for cosmetics, and other products in France. In the future, we will also seek to focus on businesses in the environmental sector, such as selling thermal interface materials for the EV battery field and developing plant-based materials for the cosmetics field.

Main Business
  • Inkjet products and materials
  • Various materials for secondary cells
  • Medical products, materials for cosmetics
  • Functional chemicals

Information &



Life Industry

Establishing logistics bases at each location to cover the entire region

In April 2023, we established a base in Prague, Czech Republic to which we dispatched employees, aiming to strengthen sales of plastics. We will also establish logistics bases in Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, and Turkey to cover the entire region. This fiscal year we will expand into North Africa.


  • Inabata France S.A.S.

    Import/export and sale of chemicals
    TEL: +33-1-6049-1710
    6-8, Rue du 4 Septembre, Issy-les-Moulineaux, 92130 FRANCE

  • Pharmasynthese S.A.S.

    Manufacturing of fine chemicals
    TEL: +33-2-3296-9780 / FAX: +33-2-3296-9789
    57,Rue Gravetel 76320 Saint Pierre Les Elbeuf, FRANCE

  • Inabata Europe GmbH

    Import/export and sale of electronic materials, chemicals, and synthetic resins
    TEL: +49-211-95776-100 / FAX: +49-211-95776-200
    Am Seestern 4, 40547 Dusseldorf, GERMANY

United Kingdom
  • Inabata UK Ltd.

    Property management, warehousing
    TEL: +44-1952-608-456
    Office 17, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Stafford Drive, Shrewsbury, SY1 3FE, UK

  • Inabata Singapore (Pte.) Ltd., Head Office Singapore Istanbul Main Branch
    (Inabata Singapore (Pte.) Ltd., Merkezi Singapur Istanbul Merkez Şubesi)

    Import/export and sale of synthetic resins, chemicals and electronic materials
    TEL: +90-216-663-60-59 / FAX: +90-216-663-61-00
    Barbaros Mah. Halk Cad. No.8/A Unit304 Palladium Ofis ve Residence Binasi Postal code:34746 Istanbul/Turkiye

  • Inabata Europe GmbH, Czech Branch

    Import/export and sale of electronic materials, chemicals, and synthetic resins
    TEL: +420-737586797
    Klimentska 1216/46, Nove Mesto, 110 00 Praha 1, CZECH REPUBLIC

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