Focusing on global expansion of auto parts, auto parts materials, and coating materials

Chemicals Division provides high-performance materials for the auto parts, tire, and electronic materials industries, and materials and additives for the plastics, rubber, and textile industries. We also sell various resins and coating materials to the paint, ink, adhesives, and paper industries.
In Japan, we have two unique subsidiaries related to the Chemicals Division: Inabata Fine Tech Co., Ltd., a trading company which handles products that require expertise, such as dyes; and Inabata Nanodax, Co., Ltd., a provider of plastic compounds reinforced with glass wool.
Overseas, we have subsidiaries related to our division, such as Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in China, which produces hardeners for urethane paints. In Thailand, Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co., Ltd. manufactures various kinds of molded rubber products. Such affiliates allow us to supply customers around the world with the materials that they need.
Our aim is to be a trading company always able to satisfy customer needs, with a special focus on the supply of auto parts and various kinds of coating materials.

Yoshiya OdaExecutive Officer
General Manager,
Chemicals Div.


Sales Department I

Providing high-performance chemicals for a wide range of industries such as auto parts and electronic materials. Sales of materials and additives for resins, rubber, and textile industries.

Auto parts and their materials
  • Electrical components (heat dissipating materials, heat-resistant adhesives, etc.)
  • Interior components (functional films, functional adhesive tape, display parts, etc.)
  • Various rubbers
  • Elastomers
  • Thermosetting resins (phenol, etc.)
  • Rubber molded products
  • Functional fibers and their materials (aramid fibers, polyester fibers, etc.)
  • Various silicones*
  • Inorganic chemical products (zirconia, etc.)
Resins, rubbers, compound materials, functional fibers
  • Resin materials (monomers, additives, antioxidants, ultraviolet absorbents, modifiers)
  • Compound materials (various types of fillers, glass fibers, etc.)
  • Special polyimide, amide materials
  • Polymerization catalysts, polymerization terminators, polymerization regulators
  • Various silicones*
Fine chemicals, etc.
  • Various intermediates
    (agricultural chemicals, functional chemical, electronic materials, etc.)
  • Custom synthesis
    (asymmetric synthesis, acid chlorides, halogenation, nitration, reduction, Grignard reaction, ultra-low temperatures, silicon compound synthesis, high pressures, phosgene reactions, methylhydrazine reactions, etc.)
  • Photoresist materials
  • Agricultural materials
Sales Department II

Providing a wide range of resins and coating materials for paint, ink, adhesive and paper-making industries.

Nitrocellulose (Nobel NC products)
Various resins
  • Urethane (polyol, isocyanate)
  • Acrylic
  • Alkyd
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Silicone
  • Epoxy
  • PVA (Polyvinyl alcohol, poval)
  • Fluororesin
  • Various emulsions
Resin materials
  • Polyhydric alcohol
  • Acrylic ester
  • Methyl methacrylate
  • Various monomers
  • Viscosity modifiers (Elementis products)
  • Pigment dispersers
Various pigments
  • Organic pigments
  • Inorganic pigments (Carbon black, titanium dioxide, synthetic iron oxide pigments)
Various starches
  • Modified starches
  • Imported tapioca starches
  • Imported functional starches
Inorganic chemicals
  • Caustic soda
  • Oxygen
  • Aluminum sulfate
  • Polychlorinated aluminum
  • Soda chlorate
  • Aluminum hydroxide
  • Other inorganic chemicals
Chemicals for manufacturing papers
  • Sizing agents
  • Paper strengthening agents
  • Various dyes
  • Antifoaming agents
  • Modified starches
Chemicals for paper manufacturing process
  • Print suitability enhancers
  • Lubricants
  • Glues and adhesives
  • Various starches
  • PET films
Various films
Business Development Department

Supporting new businesses such as those related to Inabata Nanodax Co., Ltd., auto parts sales, and business related to building social infrastructure.

*You will be directed to The Dow Chemical Company site.


  • Mixing and stirring tank

    Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical

    Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a consigned manufacturer of hardeners for the highest-quality urethane coatings, which boasts a production capacity of 12,000 tons - the largest in China. The demand for urethane coatings is expected to further increase in China, such as for automobile top coats, automobile repairs, and plastics products. Its clients are major international coating manufacturers and its main suppliers of raw materials are major isocyanate manufacturers. The company is planning to expand its capability to custom process chemical agents other than hardeners for urethane coatings, as handling of dangerous materials becomes increasingly restricted in China. Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical hopes to introduce its manufacturing technology around the world utilizing Inabata Group's global network.

  • Molded rubber auto parts: Hi-Tech Rubber Products

    Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co., Ltd. in Thailand manufactures rubber components, mainly for use in the automotive industry. It specializes in precision parts made from high-functionality rubbers (silicone, fluorine, acrylic, H-NBR). The company is installed with resin molding facility and can assemble resin-molded products and rubber products, as well as bonding different types of materials.
    The company eyes to market rubber parts as well as rubber/resin components for the evolving car electronics applications.

  • Inabata Nanodax: Developing brand new resin fillers

    In November 2016, Inabata established Inabata Nanodax Co., Ltd. with a venture firm, Nanodax Co. Ltd., in its Tokyo Head Office. Inabata Nanodax is developing a brand-new resin filler made of glass wool. The filler is expected to improve malleability during resin molding (preventing warping and sinking marks), as well as the quality of surfaces on finished resin-molded products. Use in a wide variety of industries ranging from general store goods to automotive applications is anticipated.
    Through collaboration with resin manufacturers, molded product manufacturers, and research and development organizations, Inabata Nanodax hopes to solidify this technology.
    *Currently, Inabata Industry & Trade (Dalian F.T.Z.) Co., Ltd. manufactures Inabata Nanodax resin fillers.

  • Globally-recognized nitrocellulose of Nobel NC

    Nitrocellulose is a membrane formation agent used in a wide variety of applications such as inks, paints, and manicure products. The nitrocellulose produced by Nobel NC Co., Ltd. (Thailand) is especially clear and its cubic granular shape makes it easy to handle.
    Inabata’s Chemical Division provides Nobel NC's globally-recognized high-quality nitrocellulose to a large number of manufacturers.

  • Inabata's solution proposals

    Total solution for custom synthesis of intermediates

    Inabata’s Chemical Division conducts sale of materials, additives, and intermediates for resin, rubber, textile, and agrochemical industries. It provides solutions in a way that suits customer needs (local procurement, mass production, finding alternative manufacturers, etc.), establish a framework for custom synthesis of intermediates, and carry out proposals for comprehensive services and dispersed country risk using our global network.

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