Providing a wide range of chemical materials catering to industrial products, automobiles, and life industry

The Chemicals Division leverages our advantages as a trading company with manufacturing and processing bases to offer optimum products, materials, and services to the customers, by creating synergy between the three chemicals departments that handle the upstream to midstream value chain, and the Housing Materials Department, which deals with the downstream, closer to the final product.
The Speciality Chemicals Department mainly sells materials and intermediates for the industry related to petrochemicals, such as plastics, urethane, and fibers. The Performance Chemicals Department provides a wide range of materials, such as additives and solvents, to the mainstay paints, inks, and adhesives industries. The Mobility Chemicals Department sells friction, tire, thermal interface and other materials used in automobiles as well as ships and aircraft. In addition, the Housing Materials Department deals in eco-friendly building materials required by the housing, housing materials, and housing equipment industries, as well as particle board, lumber, housing equipment, plastic products and their materials.

Yutaka TakahashiExecutive Officer,
General Manager,
Chemical Div.

Products & Services

Speciality Chemicals Department

We sell materials and intermediates for the plastic, super engineering plastic, urethane, and synthetic fiber industries. We sell special elastomers. We also provide materials for papermaking and cardboards, as well as materials for data recording papers.

  • Synthetic resin and fiber materials
  • Catalysts
  • Antioxidants
  • Ultraviolet absorbents
  • Solvents
  • Polymerization initiators
  • Functional resins
  • Functional fibers
  • Silicones
  • Silanes
  • Health care products (silicone tubing)
  • Materials for data recording papers
  • Raw materials for polyurethane form
  • Products for pipelines
  • Materials for social infrastructure and engineering, etc.
Performance Chemicals Department

We provide a wide range of resins and coating materials for the paint, ink, and adhesive industries.

  • Resins
  • Resin materials
  • Anti-foaming agents
  • Anti-fouling agents
  • Viscosity modifiers
  • Pigments, etc.
Mobility Chemicals Department

We sell materials for automobile parts and chemicals.

  • Thermal interface materials and its raw materials for electric vehicle (EV)
  • Friction materials
  • Materials for gaskets and tires
  • Materials for airbags
  • Display parts for automobiles
Housing Materials Department

We sell a wide range of materials and products for housing, housing material, and housing equipment manufacturers. We import and sell materials for laminated timber makers, and export and sell products in overseas markets.

  • Particle boards (fiber board)
  • Home interior products
  • Home exterior products
  • Plumbing products
  • Adhesives for wooden boards
  • Molded plastic products, etc.
Import products and materials
  • Materials for laminated timber
  • Laminated veneer lumber (LVL)
  • Wood chips, etc.
Export products and materials
  • Wood-plastic composite (WPC) decks and home exterior products
  • Resins for housing equipment, etc.


  • Mixing and stirring tank

    Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical

    Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a consigned manufacturer of hardeners for the highest-quality urethane coatings, which boasts a production capacity of 12,000 tons - the largest in China. The demand for urethane coatings is expected to further increase in China, such as for automobile top coats, automobile repairs, and plastics products. Its clients are major international coating manufacturers and its main suppliers of raw materials are major isocyanate manufacturers. The company is planning to expand its capability to custom process chemical agents other than hardeners for urethane coatings, as handling of dangerous materials becomes increasingly restricted in China. Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical hopes to introduce its manufacturing technology around the world utilizing Inabata Group's global network.

  • Molded rubber auto parts: Hi-Tech Rubber Products

    Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co., Ltd. in Thailand manufactures rubber components, mainly for use in the automotive industry. It specializes in precision parts made from high-functionality rubbers (silicone, fluorine, acrylic, H-NBR). The company is installed with resin molding facility and can assemble resin-molded products and rubber products, as well as bonding different types of materials.
    The company eyes to market rubber parts as well as rubber/resin components for the evolving car electronics applications.

  • Globally-recognized nitrocellulose of Nobel NC

    Nitrocellulose is a membrane formation agent used in a wide variety of applications such as inks, paints, and manicure products. The nitrocellulose produced by Nobel NC Co., Ltd. (Thailand) is especially clear and its cubic granular shape makes it easy to handle.
    Inabata’s Chemical Division provides Nobel NC's globally-recognized high-quality nitrocellulose to a large number of manufacturers.

  • Inabata's solution proposals

    Total solution for custom synthesis of intermediates

    Inabata’s Chemical Division conducts sale of materials, additives, and intermediates for resin, rubber, textile, and agrochemical industries. It provides solutions in a way that suits customer needs (local procurement, mass production, finding alternative manufacturers, etc.), establish a framework for custom synthesis of intermediates, and carry out proposals for comprehensive services and dispersed country risk using our global network.

  • Building eco-friendly business
    from raw materials to products

    Chemicals Division deals with all kinds of eco-friendly materials and products for homes. Inabata has served as a sales agent for Japan Novopan Industrial Co., Ltd.'s particle boards for over 40 years. Particle boards are eco-friendly product made with materials from demolished buildings or underused lumber. Novopan has the top share of particle boards in Japan.
    Visit the Japan Novopan Industrial website here. (Japanese only)

  • FSC® forest certified (COC certified) / PEFC forest certified (COC certified)

    Housing Materials Department of Chemicals Division obtained "COC (Chain of Custody) Certification" in 2010 for its eco-friendly processing and distribution of lumber (up to the final product), produced in forests managed appropriately from environmental, social, and economic aspects.

    Inabata has traditionally supplied a large quantity of lumber from forests certified by international forest certification organizations. COC certifies that the lumber is distinguishable in every stage of the supply chain up until the final product, and that eco-friendly products are being processed and distributed.
    Inabata has been certified by international forest certification organizations Forest Stewardship Council ®(FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC).

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