Apr. 01, 2004


Inabata Reorganizes IT & Electronics and Chemicals Segments

With effect from April 1st, 2004, Inabata & Co., Ltd. has reorganized its electronics and chemicals divisions, aiming to further enhance their specialized capabilities. The former IT & Electronics Division has been divided into the Display and Imaging Division and the Electronics Materials and Equipment Division, while the former Chemicals Division has been divided into the Chemicals Division and the Fine Chemicals Division.

The new divisions will each remain under the respective umbrellas of the IT & Electronics and Chemical segments, thereby facilitating the synergy between departments. The fact that the divisions are also independent, however, will bring the added benefits of even faster solutions, greater flexibility, and a higher level of specialization.

Both of the IT & Electronics based divisions will be involved in the Flat Panel Display (FPD) business. The Display and Imaging Division will deal in raw materials for copying machines and printers, as well as in performance materials, sealants, and battery-related fields. The Electronics Materials and Equipment Division will focus on electronic and semiconductor-related equipment, in addition to semiconductor materials.

The newborn Chemicals Division will further extend its specialized capabilities in the areas of dyestuffs, paper chemicals, paint, ink and adhesives, and home products. The Fine Chemicals Division will focus on pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates and on specialty chemicals.