May 17, 2004


Inabata's current profit rises 33.9% in FY 2003

Inabata & Co., Ltd. announced that its consolidated current profit in the fiscal year 2003 rose 33.9% reaching 6.6 billion yen. This was boosted by strong performances in the IT and electronics, plastics, and food industries.

Sales rose 14.8% to 331.7 billion yen and operating profit rose 62.3% to 4.2 billion yen in the fiscal year that ended in March 2004.

Net income marked nearly a ten-fold rise to 3.4 billion yen, supported by higher stock prices and the company's efforts to reinforce its financial conditions.

On an unconsolidated basis, sales gained 15.5% reaching 254.5 billion yen, operating profit rose 69.3% to 2.47 billion yen, and current profit rose 4.1% to 3.6 billion yen. Unconsolidated net income came to 1 billion yen.