Aug. 25, 2004


Coloring and compounding in Asia expands to 162,000 tons

In the midst of the growing demand for plastics related to digital electric appliances, office equipment, automobiles and motorcycles, Inabata Sangyo bolstered its resin coloring and compounding facilities in China, Indonesia, and Thailand to reach a total production capacity of 162,000 tons in the 10 locations in 7 Asian countries by the 25th.

This is a 5,600 ton increase from the 156,400 ton total production capacity in January of this year, with China's Dalian facility increasing production by 2,400 tons to 10,800 tons, and Indonesia likewise increasing 2,400 tons to 18,000 tons. In Thailand, the decommissioning of the old facility and the introduction of the new resulted in an increase of 1,200 tons to an expanded production capacity of 27,600 tons.

We will continue to address a wide range of client needs from commodity resins for digital electric appliances, office equipment, automobiles and motorcycles to engineering plastics.

General outline of coloring and compounding business: