Jul. 01, 2005


Inabata merges plastics affiliates

Inabata merged two of its affiliates as of July 1 in order to enhance its plastics packaging business in Japan.

Ordy Co., Ltd., which deals in processing and sales of plastic films, and Nagano Co., Ltd., engaging in sales of packing materials and "physical-distribution" equipment, have been consolidated.

The new company will strengthen its comprehensive sales and marketing capability of plastics packaging goods and services, while streamlining distribution processes, targeting to sell 8 billion yen in the fiscal year ending December 2005 and 10 billion yen in fiscal 2008. Plastics packaging goods used for industrial, food, and nursing care purposes will be the key targets in the near future.

The merger took place as Ordy acquired shares of Nagano, which is currently held by Inabata.

The profile of the new company is as follows:

Company name : Ordy Co., Ltd.
Head office : Higashi Osaka City, Osaka Pref.
(currently head office of Nagano)
Shareholders : Inabata & Co. 53.33%
Offices : Tokyo, Kyushu, Nagoya
Affiliate : KSK System K.K. (Processing of polyolefin film)
Number of employees : 65