Sep. 06, 2017


Inabata concludes exclusive sales partnership agreement with Cytonome/ST, LLC

Inabata & Co., Ltd. and Cytonome/ST, LLC have concluded an exclusive sales partnership agreement for Cytonome’s proprietary GigaSort™ Technology in Japan.

The GigaSort Platform is an application specific laser-based cell sorter that allows the identification, characterization, and isolation of highly purified cell populations. Due to its low pressure parallel microfluidic channel design, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant GigaSort Platform provides high throughput processing while remaining gentle on cells. A fully enclosed, single use, fluidic set that contains a microfluidic chip solves the safety and contamination problems that have plagued therapeutic cell sorting applications using conventional aerosol-based cell sorting technologies, thus making the GigaSort Platform a strong candidate solution for high performance cell therapy applications such as regenerative medicine using iPS cells and CAR-T therapy.

【About Cytonome/ST, LLC】
Headquartered in Bedford, MA, Cytonome/ST, LLC, subsidiary of Inguran LLC (dba ST genetics, Sexing Technologies), is a privately held biotechnology instrument company. Cytonome develops advanced solutions in cell purification for the industrial, clinical and life science research markets. With deep engineering expertise in the cytometry field and a strong intellectual property portfolio, Cytonome aims to develop products that simplify existing workflows and enable leading edge research and therapies. For more information please visit

Please check with the local and national authorities for any license, approval or clearance requirements in using GigaSort™ technologies for the development of commercial therapies. In the USA, the GigaSort™ system is for Research Use Only. Not for use in Diagnostic or Therapeutic procedures without appropriate FDA approvals.

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Contact information:
Mr. Hironori Nagura, Life Science Department, Life Industry Division, Inabata & Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tatsuya Oishi, Life Science Department, Life Industry Division, Inabata & Co., Ltd.