Sep. 21, 2021


Inabata joins Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Inabata & Co. Ltd. joined a global organization aiming to reduce plastic waste, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Alliance), on September 16 to tackle the environmental issue.

Increasing the lineup of products that reduce the environmental load is one of Inabata's key initiatives in its midterm business plan, New Challenge 2023 (NC2023). Inabata has been working on plastic recycling while exploring opportunities for innovative technologies such as biodegradable plastics.  
Inabata will continue its effort to reduce plastic waste globally, collaborating with Alliance members.

About the Alliance:
The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Alliance) is a global non-profit organization with the mission to end plastic waste in the environment. It develops, deploys, and scales solutions across four strategic areas—infrastructure, innovation, education and engagement, and cleanup. As of June 2021, its portfolio comprises over 30 projects across 60 cities worldwide.
The Alliance believes tackling plastic waste is a complex challenge that requires collective action. Since 2019, it has convened a global network of industry leaders across the plastics value chain, together with government, civil society, entrepreneurs, and communities, to work toward advancing a circular economy for plastic waste. For more information, visit:

Contact information:
Mr. Shin Yoshida
Deputy Senior Manager,  
Industrial Materials Dept., Plastics Division Ⅱ,
Inabata & Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-50-3820-6676