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Inabata Group provides innovative solutions and services for information & electronics, chemicals, life industry, plastics businesses worldwide. For more than a century, Inabata's specialized functions have satisfied a vast range of client requirements through business planning, marketing, manufacturing and logistics. Inabata is determined to continue serving as a trusted partner, meeting the true needs of our customers.

Focus Markets of “New Challenge 2020”

Exploring untapped areas under the mid-term business plan

Manufacturing / Processing

Inabata operates its own manufacturing/processing bases in and out of Japan

Information & Electronics

Information & Electronics Division I

Exploring new business mainly for the flat panel display (FPD) industry, centering on liquid crystal/organic EL (OLED), as well as materials for the LED-related industry.

Information & Electronics Division II

Expanding imaging-related businesses globally with a special focus on the digital printing field.

Information & Electronics Division III

Developing business mainly in the fields of renewable energy, secondary batteries, semiconductors, electronics components, and industrial materials.


Plastics Division I

Providing comprehensive support for high-performance plastics and related materials to the automobile, motorcycle, home electric appliance, and OA equipment industries, as well as plastics for daily goods and materials for the construction industry.Operates eight resin compouding facilities.

Plastics Division II

Offering various industrial materials, various films for processing, resins for sheets and sports materials as a "comprehensive packaging planner" in packaging / industrial film industry.

Plastics Compound Business Office

Operating eight plants in seven countries (China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Mexico), with an annual production of approximately 220,000 tons (as of April 1, 2018).


Chemicals Division

Focusing on global expansion of auto parts, auto parts materials, and coating materials.

Life Industry

Life Industry Division

Offering materials for pharmaceuticals, insect repellents, insecticides, air fresheners and deodorants, as well as seafood and farm produce.

Search by region

Southeast Asia / India

Expanding business operating 10 manufacturing/processing facilities.

Northeast Asia

Enhancing Inabata’s core business, utilizing its network spread across 22 cities throughout China, Taiwan, and South Korea.

The Americas

Focusing on enhancing information & electronics, plastics, life industry segments, while developing business in Central / South America led by Mexico.

Europe / Turkey

Developing businesses centering on chemicals, environment / energy, automobiles, plastics, life industry, as well as semiconductors, taking advantage of our unique features and mobility.