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Topics and investment highlights

Record high net sales, operating and net incomes in the year ended March 2016
Mainstay Plastics Segment grew. Sales increase to the automotive sector and the weaker yen combined to lift the revenue and profit. Although the weaker yen benefitted liquid crystal-related business, both revenue and profit decreased in Information & Electronics Segment due to an overall decline in profitability. In Plastics Segment, additional focus will be placed on the automotive sector such as expanding sales to key global clients and increasing sales in Mexico, where Inabata set up the first Japanese plastic compounding facility. Solar cell materials will be the focus of Information & Electronics Segment. In the year ending March 2017, we forecast net sales of 590 billion yen (up 2.2% year on year), operating income of 11.5 billion yen (up 1.1%), and net income of 9 billion yen (down 5.4%).

Strong global information network and supplier functions
Inabata's strength is the ability to make proposals based on comprehensive analysis of information collected from a global information network backed by its operation in about 60 locations in 18 countries. Inabata’s strategy is to expand its trading business through collaboration between its trading offices and manufacturing/processing bases (supplier functions) around the world. Working closely with clients enables Inabata to quickly grasp development information on new products as well as the latest market trends.

Medium-term management plan: "New Challenge 2016"
Our medium-term management plan “New Challenge 2016” proposes six key initiatives including “further broadening and deepening of overseas businesses” and “focusing on markets and untapped fields with potential for growth.” While eyeing to launch a full-scale production of plastic compounds in the Philippines and Mexico, we will expand business in the medical sector, with one of the focuses set on regenerative medication. Inabata also plans to return profits to shareholders, with a benchmark total shareholder return ratio of 30%–35% and a 36-yen dividend per share in the year ending March 2017.

Stronger corporate governance
Inabata voluntarily established the Nominating and Remuneration Committee in 2015. We also evaluated the board of directors (self-evaluation) for the first time. Such evaluation will be conducted periodically to increase effectiveness and transparency of the board of directors, and hence, enhance corporate value.

*The projections contained within this document are based on certain conditions and assumptions decided upon by the management using data current as of the date the document was published. Actual performance may differ greatly as a result of a variety of factors in the future.

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