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Fact Sheet


Inabata & Co., Ltd. is a specialized trading company operating in five business segments led by Information & Electronics and Plastics, followed by Chemicals, Life Industry, and Housing & Eco Materials. Inabata operates in about 60 locations in 18 countries around the world. Inabata is capable of responding to diverse and global needs of its clients, utilizing its highly specialized expertise in each business segment, offering a comprehensive service ranging from planning, logistics, and manufacturing/processing. Inabata operates multiple manufacturing/processing bases mainly in Asia. Close collaboration with clients gives Inabata access to the latest information on product developments and marketing trends. This is what makes Inabata’s strategy to expand its trading business unique.
Share information
(July 26, 2017)
Share price ¥1,540-
Total shares issued 63,499,227-
Market capitalization

Investment Highlights

Record highs in net sales and all income categories in the fiscal year ended March 2017
Despite the impact of the yen’s appreciation, record highs were posted in net sales and all income categories due to the strong performance of the mainstay business. In the Information & Electronics Segment, liquid crystal-related business grew in Northeast Asia. Sales to the automotive sector were brisk in the Plastics Segment. In the three-year medium-term plan ended in March 2017, sales of plastics for global clients in the automotive field expanded under one of our key strategies of “focusing on markets and untapped fields with potential for growth.” Transactions with non-Japanese companies increased particularly in China in line with a strategy of “further broadening and deepening of business outside Japan.” Against this backdrop, operating income and current profit reached the targets set in the medium-term plan.

New medium-term business plan: New Challenge 2020 (NC2020)
Inabata established a long-term vision envisioning itself 10 to 15 years in the future, stating to “further enhance multi-faceted capabilities such as manufacturing, logistics, and finance, in addition to trading.” The initial four-year medium-term business plan entitled NC2020 started this year (fiscal year ending March 2018) with the aim of achieving the vision. Focus will be placed on development of the automotive, life science & medical, environment & energy, and agricultural sectors which includes food business.
Plastics Segment: Additional focus will be placed on the automotive sector. The company plans to further increase sales by boosting those to key global clients, while utilizing its plastics compounding facility in Mexico.
Information & Electronics Segment: While maintaining the earnings from sales of materials for liquid crystals and copying machines/printers, the company will endeavor to expand business in areas related to solar and lithium-ion batteries.
Shareholder return policy will remain the same, with the benchmark of total shareholder return ratio set at 30% to 35%.

Dividend for the fiscal year ending March 2018 is planned to be 40 yen per share.

Key strategies in NC2020

Additional strengthening of corporate governance
Inabata voluntarily established the Nominating and Remuneration Committee in 2015. An external evaluation of the Board of Directors is scheduled in the year ending March 2018 for the third-time evaluation.

*1 Updated on Nov.14,2017