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Photo of Inabata Sangyo(H.K.)Ltd.
Inabata Sangyo(H.K.)Ltd.
Photo of Shanghai Inabata Trading Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Inabata Trading Co., Ltd.
Photo of Taiwan Inabata Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Inabata Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Photo of Sanyo-IK Color(H.K.)Ltd.
Sanyo-IK Color (DG) Ltd.
Photo of Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

In Northeast Asia, utilizing its network spread across 22 cities throughout China, Taiwan, and South Korea, Inabata is continually developing and expanding its information & electronics, plastics, chemicals, and life industry business fields.
- Information & electronics: Sale of materials for polarizing films used for LCDs, diffuser plates, alignment layer materials, electronic parts for LCD backlight units, and LED materials and devices.
- Plastics: Sale of commodities and high-performance resins to the motor vehicle, home electric appliance, office automation (OA), environmental and medical industries, as well as the sale of various resin compounds produced within the Inabata Group.
- Chemicals: Sale of resin materials to the encapsulant industry, sale of rubber materials and specialty chemicals to the auto industry. The company also sells various dyes and dyeing auxiliaries utilizing its R&D facility. Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical is involved in the processing of coating materials designed for use in the auto, mobile phone, and personal computer industries.
- Life Industry: Import and export of agricultural and marine products utilizing Inabata's global network, as well as sale of Chilean wines to mainland China. In Tianjin, in response to the increased awareness in food safety, we market traceable Australian hay to major Chinese dairy products manufacturers.

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