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Plastics I

Partners in providing creative solutions for mutual development

Noriomi Yasue
Noriomi Yasue
Director, Executive Officer
General Manager,
Plastics Div. I
Plastics Division I offers high-performance plastics and related materials to the automobile, motorcycle, home electric appliance, and OA equipment industries. We also supply plastics for daily goods and materials for the construction industry.

In Asia and Mexico, we operate eight resin compounding facilities, providing comprehensive support worldwide from selection of materials to processing. There are plastics specialists working at Inabata’s global affiliates and through their collaboration, Inabata is capable of providing professional services on a global scale. In addition to resin compounding, Inabata features manufacturers within the group that possess outstanding development capabilities and unique technologies. Utilizing such manufacturing and technical expertise, Inabata is capable of creating alliances, forming mergers, and bringing together businesses of diverse fields.

Our employees possess a high level of expertise which allows us to make suggestions that deal with environmental, safety, and other issues, as well as create new plans. In this way, we hope to continue serving as a partner and always provide creative solutions and foster mutual growth with our customers.