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Life Industry

Pursuing healthy, comfortable lifestyles

Takashi Uesugi
Yasuyuki Fujimoto
General Manager,
Life Industry Div.

Life Industry Division offers materials for pharmaceuticals, insect repellents, insecticides, air fresheners and deodorants, as well as seafood and farm produce. We aim to become a “total solution provider” (TSP) by having expert staff with field-specific knowledge in order to respond to a wide variety of customer needs, from sourcing materials for pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food from anywhere in the world, to offering organic synthesis under consignment, pharmaceutical distribution, regenerative medication (advanced medication), as well as the planning and development of household items.

Our overseas affiliates involved in the life industry sector are Pharmasynthese S.A.S., a French firm involved in the development and manufacture of chemicals for pharmaceutical intermediates and electronic materials, and DNI Group, LLC, a U.S. based company that engages in the sale of marine products used for Japanese cuisine. They have contributed to our global business management by collaborating with Inabata’s worldwide network of affiliates. In addition, we have been expanding agricultural business from our base in Hokkaido.

Our goal is to contribute to making people’s lives healthy and comfortable by utilizing the Inabata Group’s global network.