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Information & Electronics I

Exploring new business beyond FPD

Masahiro Sugiyama
Masahiro Sugiyama
Director, Executive Officer
General Manager,
Information & Electronics Div. I

Information & Electronics Division I provides services to a wide array of customers all over the world. We supply materials such as polarizing films and electronic parts for LCD backlight units, encapsulant for LEDs, and materials for special use tape for LCDs. Our customers are mainly the flat panel display (FPD) industry centering on liquid crystals/OLEDs, as well as the LED industry.

Our major strengths are the proposal-based business based on rich information and expertise, as well as the solid record of building supply chains and offering various processing services. In addition to further strengthening customer relations in Japan, we are aiming to expand business with overseas manufacturers such as in China, Taiwan, and South Korea, in LCD, OLED (organic light emitting diode) fields.

While businesses related to LCDs and LEDs remain as our mainstream, against this backdrop, we will continue to seek opportunities beyond information technology like healthcare and medicine. We believe innovation can be achieved through collaboration with our client networks.