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Sales Department II

We offer a wide variety of coating materials mainly for paint and ink industries, paper chemicals, adhesive ingredients, and overseas infrastructure-related chemicals.


  • Various resins
    Urethane (polyol, isocyanate) acrylic, alkyd, nitrocellulose (Nobel NC, Co., Ltd.), silicone, epoxy, PVA (polyvinyl alcohol / poval), fluororesin, various emulsions
  • Resin materials
    Polyhydric alcohol, acrylic ester, methyl methacrylate, monomers
  • Additives
    Viscosity modifiers (Elementis products), pigment dispersers
  • Various pigments
    Organic pigments, inorganic pigments (carbon black, titanium oxide, synthetic iron oxide pigments)
  • Various starches
    Modified starch, tapioca starch
  • Inorganic chemicals
    Caustic soda, oxygen, aluminum sulfate, polychlorinated aluminum, soda chlorate, aluminum hydroxide, other inorganic chemicals
  • Chemicals for manufacturing papers
    Sizing agents, paper strengthening agents, various dyes, antifoaming agents, modified starch
  • Chemicals for manufacturing process
    Print suitability enhancers, lubricants, glues and adhesives, various starches, PET films
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