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Focusing on global expansion of auto parts, auto parts materials, and coating materials

Yoshiya Oda
Yoshiya Oda
Executive Officer
General Manager,
Chemicals Div.

Chemicals Division provides high-performance materials for the auto parts, tire, and electronic materials industries, and materials and additives for the plastics, rubber, and textile industries. We also sell various resins and coating materials to the paint, ink, adhesives, and paper industries.

In Japan, we have two unique subsidiaries related to the Chemicals Division: Inabata Fine Tech Co., Ltd., a trading company which handles products that require expertise, such as dyes; and Inabata Nanodax, Co., Ltd., a provider of plastic compounds reinforced with glass wool.

Overseas, we have subsidiaries related to our division, such as Shanghai Inabata Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in China, which produces hardeners for urethane paints. In Thailand, Hi-Tech Rubber Products Co., Ltd. manufactures various kinds of molded rubber products. Such affiliates allow us to supply customers around the world with the materials that they need.

Our aim is to be a trading company always able to satisfy customer needs, with a special focus on the supply of auto parts and various kinds of coating materials.