People and information are
our lifeblood.

Inabata conducts business in around 70 locations in some 19 countries, mainly in Asia, in addition to Japan. Inabata does not have large-scale manufacturing facilities or significant fixed assets. About 4,600 people(*5) around the world working with Inabata and the information gathered on a daily basis as part of their sales and marketing activities generate our profits. Lowering the barriers to communicating this information among regions, locations, and organizations enable us to share information throughout the company across national boundaries, leading to resolving customers’ issues and generating new businesses.

Many of our customers are globalizing their operations. Few trading companies can meet the needs of customers in the Information & Electronics, Plastics, and Chemicals industries wanting to procure diverse materials locally and seeking specialized services. Our ability to meet their needs is a primary reason customers choose Inabata.

(*5)Number of employees on a consolidated basis in FY03/24