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Sales Department I

We provide high-performance chemicals for a wide range of industries including auto parts and electronic materials, and raw materials and additives for plastics, rubber, and textile industries.


  • Auto parts and their materials
  • Various rubbers, elastomers, thermosetting resins (e.g. phenol)
  • Rubber molded products
  • Functional fibers and their materials (e.g. aramid fibers, polyester fibers)
  • Various silicones
  • Inorganic chemical products (e.g. zirconia)
  • Resins, rubbers, functional fibers
  • Monomers, additives and modifiers
  • Various silicones
  • Others
  • Agricultural materials
  • Photoresist materials
  • Fine chemical intermediates
  • Custom synthesis

High-performance chemicals and overseas markets

While strengthening our marketing in Asia, Europe and the Americas, we are stepping up the development of business related to new high-performance chemicals.
  • Import, export, and three-country trading of high-performance chemicals
  • Sales expansion of materials for auto parts