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Photo of Inabata France S.A.S.
Inabata France S.A.S.
Photo of Pharmasynthese S.A.S.
Pharmasynthese S.A.S.
Photo of Inabata UK Ltd.
Inabata UK Ltd.

In Europe, Inabata focuses on the fine chemical, environment and energy, auto, LCD, and semiconductor segments, making full use of its mobility and unique features.
- Information & electronics: Inabata provides inkjet ingredients, semiconductor materials, industrial filters, photovoltaic materials, fuel cells, electrolyzers for hydrogen generation, and high-performance films.
- Life industry: Inabata’s French subsidiary, Pharmasynthese S.A.S., is involved in the research & development, manufacture, and sale of ingredients for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and chemicals for electronic materials. Inabata is also engaged in the sale of food in Europe and the Middle East, mainly dealing in frozen food.
- Plastics: Sale of high-performance and commodity resin for auto and home electric appliances.
Inabata Europe created a branch in Dubai to expand the sale of environmental and energy related materials, chemicals,
information & electronics, as well as food.

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