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Marine Products Department

In order to ensure the freshness and quality of our products, our Marine Products Department adopted a pioneering method of local processing. From the 1980s we have been importing boiled prawns for sushi to Japan, and also flattened prawns for tempura and fried prawn dishes. The freshness of these easy-to-cook processed prawns is achieved through flash freezing the product in its raw state.

At present, we carry out local processing of squid and sea urchin for sushi, fish for tempura, and fish for grilling and frying. At each local processing plant, Japanese technical experts implement strict hygiene and production procedures to ensure that a safe, top quality product is delivered to customers in Japan and the United States.
In addition, we established a new company in Jan. 2003. Control of the import/export and distribution of foodstuffs was transferred from Inabata America, and we also acquired the Passport brand. As well as our own brand we are now handling a variety of custom brands.

● Crane Bay Brand
  Sushi prawns, Flattened prawns, Softshell crab, etc.
● Passport Cuisine Brand
  Steamed Chinese Dumpling, Chinese Dumplings, Spring roll, etc.
●Sushi ingredients(raw ingredients)
Sushi ingredients
●Cooked products
Cooked products
●Frozen deepfried products
Frozen deepfried  products