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Safety-ensured foods from around the world

Providing fresh marine and agricultural products to our valued customers
Yoshikazu Honda
General Manager
Food Division
“The Food Division places top priority on delivering safe and quality products.
 For marine products, we ensure quality and safety by building up solid partnerships with key suppliers in Japan, other Asian countries, and South America. Our mainstay seafood for sushi is delivered to restaurant chains and mass merchandisers through a physical distribution system jointly operated with affiliates.
 For agricultural products, we develop partnerships with new growers around the globe which produce products including our mainstay frozen blueberries. These fruits are then marketed for broad applications such as jam, yogurt, jelly, and juice. In response to consumer needs, we also seek districts in Japan that produce vegetables for frozen products. We ensure a stable supply of quality foods, with an optimal combination of superior growers, processing, and distribution systems.”