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The dyestuffs business is restored due to the abolition of regulations in effect during World War II
Inabata Senryo catalogInabata Senryo catalog
Started handling vinyl chloride resin of US-based Monsanto (now Monsanto Company Inc.)
New Osaka Head Office completed (original office building was destroyed by fire during the war)
Resumes business with the French firm Société Alsacienne de Constructions Mécaniques for weaving machinery
Imports polypropylene for the first time in JapanDemand for polypropylene—a visit to Montecatini – Industrialization of polypropylene, an all-purpose resin similar to wool and looked to as the ultimate fiber, began in 1957 by the Italian firm Montecatini (later Montedison), located in Milan. Having quickly learned of this, President Taro Inabata and Managing Executive Officer Susumu Ogawa visited Montecatini in 1957, which led to the conclusion of a provisional import contract. Polypropylene was imported into Japan by Inabata for the first time in 1959.
Stock listed on Second Section of Osaka Securities Exchange
As a result of business expansion in the plastics sector, the Plastics Department becomes independent from the Chemicals Department
Stock listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The number of company products, including plywood and decorative polyester panels, increases. As a result, the Housing Materials Department becomes independent of the Chemicals Department
Pharmaceuticals Division expands its business by enhancing its structure
Hideo Ito becomes the third president of Inabata
Dyestuffs, Chemicals, Plastics, Machinery, General Affairs and Personnel departments upgraded to divisions
Katsuo Inabata becomes the fourth president of Inabata
Listed on the first section of Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges
Katsuo Inabata is appointed as Osaka's honorary consul to Portugal
Building Materials Division established
Liaison office opens in Singapore
Foodstuffs Department set up within Chemicals Division
Inabata Singapore(Pte.) Ltd. set up to become the first new overseas office after World War II
Food Department becomes independent of the Chemicals Division
Resin compound manufacturer Sanyo-IK Color (Pte.) Ltd. is established in Singapore as a joint venture by Inabata and Sanyo Kako Co. Ltd.
Inabata America Corp. launched in New York
Overseas Division established
Tokyo branch office becomes Tokyo Head Office
Machinery and Electronics Materials Division set up
Pharmaceuticals Division separated, Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (now Dainippon Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.) established as joint venture with Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd.
NBF Co., Ltd. set up to market supplements
Semiconductor testing equipment manufacturer Shinano Electronics Co., Ltd. is established
Siam Inabata Co., Ltd.(now Inabata Thai Co., Ltd.) established in Thailand
Siam Inabata Co.LtdSIK (Thailand) Ltd.
Resin compound manufacturer SIK (Thailand) Ltd. is established in suburban Bangkok
Plastic molding and processing company I & P Co., Ltd. is established
Inabata Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. established in Kuala Lumpur
Glass substrate cutting and etching processing company Musashino Fine Glass, Co. Ltd. is established
Foodstuffs Division established
Inabata Sangyo (H.K.) Ltd. established in Hong Kong
Inabata Europe S.A. established in Brussels
100th Anniversary 100th Anniversary
Printer paper feed equipment manufacturing and sales company IK Precision Co., Ltd. is established in Telford (UK)
Inabata Senshoku Giken company (now Inabata Fine Tech & Co., Ltd.), a laboratory contract business concentrating on dyeing and finishing, is established
Resin compound manufacturer S-IK Color Philippines Inc. is established in Manila
New Osaka Head OfficeNew Osaka Head Office
Taiwan Inabata Sangyo Co., Ltd. established in Taiwan
Resin compound manufacturer Colour Compound (M) Sdn. Bhd. is established on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Inabata France S.A.R.L. (now Inabata France S.A.S.) established in Paris
Inabata celebrates its 100th anniversaryInabata plays a central role in promoting construction project and fund raising for the construction of Villa Kujoyama, a facility designed to promote French-Japanese exchange in Kyoto (completed November 1992) as an anniversary commemoration activity.
Company founder Katsutaro Inabata studied about the dyeing industry in Lyon, France, as a student under a program sponsored by the Kyoto Prefectural Government. After he spent eight years in France studying dyeing techniques, Inabata continued a long relationship with the country.
Apple Film Co.,Ltd.Apple Film Co.,Ltd.
New Osaka Head Office completed
Inflation film manufacturer Apple Film Co., Ltd. is established on the outskirts of Bangkok (Thailand)
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