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Internal Control

Management Philosophy
At the core of Inabata’s management approach is our Mission of contributing to society’s development in the humanitarian spirit of “love(ai)” and “respect(kei)”, two core values that have been there in the company since its foundation. Along with the company Values, Inabata is run according to our Vision: “to continually evolve, serving clients and society through our global operations and meeting their changing needs.” We ensure awareness and understanding of these statements by having them publicized on various communications platforms.

In order to ensure regulatory compliance and compliance in the course of our business processes, committees such as Compliance Committee, Internal Control Committee and Export Control Committee have been set up together with control offices such as Risk Management Office and Business Process Management Office.
Inabata Declaration of Compliance manifests the company's commitment to compliance, while an internal whistle-blowing system has been introduced to monitor instances of suspected non-compliance.
Furthermore, we are working to ensure internal control within the group, including the subsidiaries, through enhanced audits by the Internal Audit Office and audit & supervisory board members.