amuse boucheThe Story of IKINABATA around You
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1923: Recovery and temporary store shortly after the Great Kanto Earthquak

On September 1, 1923, the Tokyo branch was destroyed by the huge earthquake that shook the whole Kanto region. From its main store in Osaka, the company sent donations, apparel, and food to provide relief for the survivors. The company also set up a temporary office in Tokyo shortly after the quake, and opened a new store there in March 1924


Around 1925: Pamphlet for champagne

The list of products handled by Inabata & Co. was no longer confined to chemicals and dyestuffs; it had expanded to include machinery and even western-style alcoholic beverages. On the left is a pamphlet for champagne with the red IK logo.

Around 1926: The founder’s top hat

Our founder Katsutaro loved to wear this top hat on important occasions. On the inside is the IK logo


Around 1936: Inabata’s employee baseball team

The baseball uniforms were emblazoned with the IK logo.

1937: At the Kyoto branch in Aburanokoji

The branch in Kyoto, where the first store was opened, was closed in February 1941 as wartime controls were tightened. The IK logo was also used on the lanterns in front of the store.

Around 1938: "Aikei (IK) Jiho"

When war broke out, Inabata employees were among the men who were drafted and sent to battlefields. The company showed its concern for its employees in uniform by sending them a bag of comforts every month. At the same time, the company published “Aikei (IK; meaning love and respect) Jiho,” a newsletter relating the activities of the soldiers and employees inside and outside Japan, to link the men in the field with the people back home.