L'histoire d'Inabata ~受け継がれるパイオニアの遺伝子~

AAhe roots of Inabata & Co., Ltd. can be found in Lyon, one of the largest cities in France, with history dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. The city came to be known as the “City of Silk,” where merchants from distant lands came to trade their goods. Over a century ago, a Japanese teenager named Katsutaro Inabata arrived in Lyon. In 1877, aged just 15, Katsutaro was selected to be sent to France along with seven other students under a program sponsored by the Kyoto prefectural government. His mission was to help modernize Japan’s centuries-old dyeing industry. He would later go on to found the Japanese trading firm, Inabata & Co. Lyon was the largest producer of silk in France at that time, and had the most state-of-the-art dyeing techniques. Katsutaro studied the basics of dyeing at a technical school in Lyon. Considering his academic studies alone to be insufficient, he decided to work at a dye factory to learn more about Europe’s new synthetic dyes and the latest dyeing techniques. There he worked over eleven hours a day, enduring summer temperatures of over 40 degrees centigrade and the ice-cold water of the Rhone river in the winter. It was his strong sense of mission - that he had been sent for the future of Japan - which gave him strength in times of hardship. After three years working in the factory, he went on to study chemistry at the University of Lyon. During his eight years in France, Katsutaro’s foresight and creativity steadily developed.fter returning from France, Katsutaro established Inabata Senryoten in Kyoto in 1890, as the sole representative of a major French dye manufacturer, “Société Anonyme des Matierès Colorantes & Produits Chimiques de St.Denis.” This marked the beginning of Inabata & Co. In 1893, Inabata Senryoten was renamed Inabata Shoten. A year later a branch was set up in Tokyo, and in 1897 the head office was transferred from Kyoto to Osaka. Katsutaro imported dye, dyeing and weaving machines, chemicals, flavors, fragrances, and pharmaceuticals from major European manufacturers. He also initiated the teaching of advanced dyeing techniques in Japan. TTL’histoire d’ Inabata– Continuing the Legacy of a Pioneer –